Who Are Your Avengers?


This past weekend a great friend and I took our sons to see the newest Avengers movie. They loved it and so did we! I am a HUGE superhero fan! I grew up with Marvel and DC comic characters coming to life on TV and on the big screen. I wanted to marry Superman, swim with Aquaman and cure the HULK……I even fantasized that I was an Amazon Princess from Paradise Island and I was somehow related to Wonder Woman. Crazy, I know! But honestly I AM  5’11 and adopted and the idea is not too far-fetched. At the very least it would be a great story line. But I digress.

As a single mother I have an arsenal of folks in my corner. And I as I walked away from the movie I began to wonder if every single mother I know has “an arsenal” as well? Those folks that are in your corner no matter what! The people you choose to surround yourself with to advise and guide you.


THOR is the is the Norse God of Thunder (according to Nordic mythology) and the Guardian of Asgard. His most powerful weapon is his hammer and his ability to control and manipulate weather. In my arsenal, my Thor, was my friend Robb. He passed away a few years ago in a freak motorcycle accident. He was only 39. He was handsome and smart and he armed me with enough LEGAL know-how and information to protect me for a long time to come. In real life he was a partner in a law firm and a top-notch litigator. As my Avenger, he protected me like no other and always came running to my rescue. He was amazing and will NEVER be replaced.


THE HULK is Bruce Banner a scientist who’s gamma radiation experiment went terribly wrong and altered his DNA to transform him into the invincible HULK when his heart rate rises. My HULK is my cousin, Mike. Not green but a bit on the crazy side and known to have a temper. However much like Bruce Banner, he is mild-mannered and gentle, not wanting to hurt a flea and well liked by many. As my HULK, he is the gentlest of giants but will come out swinging and with all his might when and if he is pushed to his limits or someone tries to hurt me.


BLACK WIDOW is Natasha Romanova a trained Russian spy with enhanced DNA to make her stronger, faster, quicker and ageless. I have several Black Widow’s in my life. Those friends of mine that are able to gather intel on even the most guarded of projects or secrets. I do not call on them often and they shall remain un-named to protect them but they are out there. They give me what I need when I need it…a get away car, advice, money, office space or whatever else I may require.


IRON MAN is Tony Starks a billionaire philanthropists who suffers a major chest injury and builds a suit to protect himself. I am most like IRON MAN without the billions or the cool suit. But make no mistake, I do have a suit of armor and when I touch that button and it falls into place with my hot date right next me…….NO ONE AND NOTHING CAN GET INSIDE. I use the suit when the world wants too much and I need to get away. When too many people need too much too soon, I run for the suit. When I have been wounded or my son is hurting from something I am quick to put on the suit and block it all out until I can fix it or make things right. Many have tried to get in when I have the suit on, but it is impossible to penetrate.


CAPTAIN AMERICA is the ultimate war hero frozen for several decades and leader of the Avengers. My Captain America is my friend, Shara. Wife, mother of 5 but most of all my spiritual leader! We have prayed over our children, our families, the loss of her father, situations we can not control, our health, the health of those around us, her husband, my relationships and countless other prayers that I know I am forgetting. She led me to Christ and stands by my side in the toughest of times. She is there to smile and laugh with me in the best of times. She is hands down, the best person to have around in a crisis and she never fails her family or friends. She is a quiet leader, never needing the lime light or a stage. Just a simple thank you will do.

These are my Avengers! Who are yours?

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