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As a single woman you will meet men every day…… work, in the grocery store, at your children’s school and/or church. But will you want to date these men? Will they ask you out? How will you know they are worth it? So….. how do you know the guy that you are dating IS THE ONE?? I lost one of the greatest loves of my life seven years ago. Although he was not my boyfriend he was a great friend and a true measure of how a man should treat a woman. He did all the things listed and so much more to show his love and affection for me. This post is dedicated to him. I miss him so much but I am so blessed to have had him in my life for a decade.


Here are 5 surefire ways to tell he IS a man you should date

1. HE will call whether he has a reason to or not. He will call you and not have thing to talk to you about. He has missed the sound of your voice and just wants to hear it. He has no shame in telling you that he has missed you. Ladies, this is a man you want to keep around to see what materializes. Or you can stick to your guns checking your cell phone waiting for the beautiful loser to call when he has nothing else to do. Choice is yours. I personally vote for the guy who calls.

2. He will ask you out AND plan dates. He will call and ask you out. He will ask what you want to do and plan the date. I loved this about the sweet friend that I lost. He would call and say, ” So-and-so is having a happy hour. Can you meet right after work and then we can eat dinner afterwards? He used to cruise the internet and get ideas from friends and co-workers. It made me feel so special when all I had to do was get dressed and show up.

3. He will ask about your day. Most men are not into long phone calls and do not want to get stuck on the phone gabbing about whatever! Trust me this is not something men sit up at night feeling badly about because they may have missed out on something. However, if a man is interested in seeing you again and dating you, he will call and ask how you are doing. He will be genuinely interested in you. I know you may have dated a string of losers and you think this is impossible. But truly, YOU deserve this!  So go for it!

4. He is willing to meet your family. The man who wants to be with you will want to meet your family. I loved the day the love of my life met my family….it was sweet to hear him laughing and talking trash playing cards with the card sharks in my family. He fit right in and had a great night and so did they. And when he met Mitchell it was one of the most tender moments I have ever experienced. He held Mitchell so carefully and just looked at Mitch and back at me and smiled and said…”he looks just like you! I need to get one of these!” In hindsight, I wish I had recorded that moment. Back to your ideal guy…..YES! He will want to meet your family even though you may not want him too. Just smile and enjoy it.

5. He will put up with your friends. WOW! Don’t we all have that one friend that says exactly what is on their mind and it makes you cringe. You love them dearly but a  muzzle would be nice. Well, guess what? He will put up with that friend too, just for you. Because it is YOU he is interested in! Just go with the flow and enjoy it. Trust me, if a guy wants to get to know you he will tolerate a friend. After you are dating seriously, if he does not like that person he will speak up but otherwise it is a moot point.


Ladies, the men I mentioned are out there. They are not married and they are ready to meet you. Some of them even have children and are exhausted just like you are. They have real careers and so they are not hanging out with friends during the week or even on the weekend. You have so much in common! But first you need to stop looking at the CHINA in the window and look over at the EVERY DAY DISHES off to the side. Many times we tend to overlook great men because we want him to look like a model. Take a look in the mirror, my friend! If you do not look like a model, why should he? Take a chance on the ordinary guy.  He calls and asks you out and wants to know about your day.  Please, stop chasing the one who texts once a week just to keep you hanging on.

Tell me about the losers and the keepers in your life.

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