Shout Out To The Awesome Dad’s!

Father soldier and daughter

This blog post is dedicated to The Uncle-Kenneth Freeman who passed away August 25, 2015, the day after this was posted. He was and will always be one of the most awesome dad’s EVER! Much love to you and you will be missed by this “little girl.”

Few people in this world make a lasting impression on us like our parents do. They shape who we are, love us with all their heart and are the real hero’s in this world. They come to our events and cheer us on. They are our biggest supporters and never get tired of telling us “good job”! But most importantly, our parents are the ones that cry with us and for us when we are hurting. They sacrifice for us, they work hard to pick up the pieces and dig through the wreckage to find salvageable pieces and put us back together again. A parent is not just someone you are biologically connected to. Parents come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The first time a person’s heart beats for the love of a child, they a become parents.

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My hot date has men (biological family and friends who have become like family) in his life that love and adore him. Like with my father, all these men basically take up the slack where his father falls short, which is often. However,  this article is not to bash father’s that are not “real men” This is to salute those Dad’s that ARE AWESOME! My hat comes off to you Dad’s today and every day! I salute your awesome parenting! Today I am going to focus on the awesome Dad’s out there. No names will be mentioned but I will use examples. These men mentioned below go above and beyond the call of duty and do not look for praise or thanks They do what they do out of love. So thank you from the mother’s that love you and the ones that do not know you, yet! You are AWESOME!


The Traveler: This man has two beautiful girls and a loving wife who stays home to care for them.  Sure, dual income families could have more cash but the point is his girls are blossoming with mom at home. He moved his family from one side of Houston to the other for better schools. He quit one job that had minimal travel but was depressing for another with maximum travel and a better income. He works hard to spend quality time with his family when he is not traveling. He willingly sacrifices for his children. During Girl Scout Cookie Season he is a wanted man! As a top-notch salesman he has increased his daughters number of boxes sold by 50%. (My personal order is a minimum of 10 boxes, I have no idea what our other friends order). Both of his girls are involved in activities and even with his grueling travel schedule, he is there for swim team, golf lessons, school plays, conference’s, meet the teacher and so much more.  It’s hard to watch this man and not be impressed! Much love to you D!

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The coach: This man is a SINGLE father that coaches Little League Football Teams in Texas, Nevada and California. He cares deeply for all the children he coaches as well as his son. He lost his parents early in life. A scar that will never heal. In spite of his tremendous loss, his chosen therapy is helping other parents and children connect through participation in team sports. It is not uncommon for this man to spend large sums money out of his own pocket on children who are not his. He genuinely wants the best for children and goes out of his way to coach off the field as well as on the field. He is not perfect, he makes mistakes like the rest of us on the planet. But everyday he gets up to try again. He sacrifices and works jobs that he is overqualified for, so he can have the freedom and time to coach and be there for his son as well as the other players. He loves hard BUT he loves well. There is no one better than this coach!

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The elder: I watch this man in church and each and every time he spots a new family he’s quick to say hello and introduce himself. After he greets parents, he gets down on one knee and greets the children as if they are the most important people in the room. He and is wife are responsible for our amazing Sunday School curriculum. He is father to three grown children and a doting husband to his wife. He mentors younger men and leads a bible study in his home. He is an avid golfer along with his wife and son and I cannot wait for my hot date to join them on the green. He is also a mentor to my young son and I have loved watching the relationship grow through the years. His family takes my son out-of-town, treats him like family and loves on him like he was their own. I cannot say enough good things about this man. He is a leader in our church, in his home, in business and in our hearts.


The Uncle: Everyone in our family has stayed and/or lived at his house at some point in their lives. He is a constant and never changes. He is the boss and you either follow the rules or you have to go. But there is also so  much love in his heart. When he invites you to stay and says “yes” to your ask there is never an expectation. You stay as long as you need to or as long as you like. Let him know what you need and he will help out. I mean he really helps, he does not just do his best or half-ass help…HE WILL HELP! I was grown before I knew a few of my cousins were not his actual children. But by that time, no one cared or could actually remember the story of how they came to be part of the clan. He even offered to pay my college tuition when my father flaked out. The love we all have for this man is to infinity and beyond!


As long as your children are still under your roof, it is NEVER too late to be a good father. Each day is a gift so treasure it. Take your daughters on a date. Take your sons out for burgers and a man-to-man talk. Love your wives and mothers of your children and ask how you can help. It takes so little to be a great man, it takes even less to be a lousy one. Which path will you choose?


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