Inspiration: What inspires this single momma?


My inspiration
Many people have asked me where do I get my inspiration? In general,  inspiration approaches us from all sides.  It can be the wonder of nature, an amazing gift, or a miracle. Besides biblical stories and my faith, one of the biggest inspirations in my life is my son Mitchell. He’s a sweet boy and he’s fabulous but he has not overcome extraordinary odds or done anything of that sort. What he does is he inspires me to do better through his responses and actions. He is so incredibly loving and understanding and patient. This is a kid that gets IT! For example, he accepts the facts and trusts me.  I told him that we weren’t going to be spending money in a frivolous and thoughtless ways during the months of November, December, January and February due to a car purchase I would make in March.


Every time Mitchell wanted to go somewhere or do an activity or spend money I would say “well buddy we are saving” and he would respond with “oh yeah that’s right.” After we got the car and he was sitting in the backseat with the cold air conditioning blowing in his face and his arm resting on the armrest, his sweet words to me were “mommy this was so worth it!” And you know what? It was! Everyone doesn’t have the same kind of kid. Your kid may not be an inspiration to you and that’s ok.  Here are a few other inspirational things:

  • Acts of incredible kindness. The other day I was scrolling through Facebook, and I came across a video where an entire town learned sign language to speak to one of its inhabitants. At first the man was incredibly confused as he walked the streets of his hometown. He asked his friend, who was with him, if the people they had encountered were hearing impaired. His friend who was in on the surprise just shrugged. At the end I learned it was a commercial for a cell phone carrier. The company had just added customer service and cell service for the hearing impaired. The simple act of kindness brought me to tears. It was overwhelming and heart stopping to see a portion of the population who  are overlooked at times, be included in something the rest of us take for granted. The man was overcome with emotion as well. But it was the inhabitants of the town who gained the most from giving.


  • Being faithful in the face of heartache. Most recently I was asked by a dear friend to pray for a couple who were pregnant with twin boys they knew would not live very long after they were delivered. To hear of this couple’s journey, from the joyous news of  pregnancy to 9 weeks later finding out the boys would not survive, was horrific for me as a mom. But the most important portion of their story was and is their faith, in the face of such heartache that the couple had and still has. Faith in the face of great odds can be incredibly inspiring to me and to countless others.
  • Overcoming adversity. Many people around the world are faced with many challenges. And those challenges may mean nothing to you or to many people, however when someone you love is facing adversity that’s a different story. They almost become a model for you. They become that someone to watch,  to pray for and someone to look up to you. I am awed and inspired by Veterans who have lost limbs and have come back mentally and physically stronger than before.
  • Other women’s success stories. One of my favorite success stories is Lisa Nichols. She speaks about being so broke at one point that she did not have money to buy diapers for her son. So she kept him wrapped in a towel. As a mom this story breaks my heart BUT her story of how she overcame brings me such joy and inspiration. Lisa Nichols is a world renown speaker, she is a contributing author to The Secret and she is part of Mind Valley. The woman is phenomenal!
  • When the underdog wins. I have met very few people who do not like at least one of the Rocky movies in the franchise. We all love to see Rocky make his comeback in the ring and beat the arrogant opponent. Not only does Rocky win the fight, he also captures the hearts of millions. We ALL love to see people, a team, a character or someone we know come from behind and win!

Being inspired is not something magical. It is what happens when the heart and mind agree and the soul starts to sing. Inspiration is all around us. You just have to look


What inspires you?

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