How To Be The Coolest Mom Ever


I am sure,  a cooler Mom is out there! It is not what I strive for! Well, let me back up and say, it is not something that I initially considered. However, as Mitchell has gotten older, I have had to adjust to his need for independence in certain areas as well as being “sort of” cool for my very outgoing child,  who needs this. I have learned over time that I do not need to be the mom that is the disciplinarian. I also know that I am not interested in being friends with his friends. He enjoys that too.  I do love to cook and that is a plus for my foodie. His friends know me for that and that kind of makes me cool!   I continue to work to find balance between being cool/fun and being responsible. Many times things are great and other times I fall flat on my face, especially when I do not have time to make a dessert or a fun food. And let me just say, if you  have been mothering for over a week, you have already fallen flat on your face. In the midst of it all,  there are moments I know my son appreciates me being “the coolest mom, EVER!”

Here are my seven go to items that make me a cool Mom.

  1. Warm Towels – I started this one cold evening when Mitchell was 3. I threw a clean towel in the dryer on high for ten minutes. When he was ready to get out of the tub, I rushed to get the towel and wrap him in it. This was an instant HIT. I also use it as an incentive. If he disobeys or does not complete chores, he loses his warm towel. Works like a charm.beach-toweles
  2. Cookies and tea/coffee/milk – Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies near the butter in the grocery store are my BEST FRIENDS! I buy them and make half a batch at a time. Since Mitch is allergic to milk we either have them with hot tea (chamomile or sweet dreams tea, LOL) or coffee. He loves it and so do friends that spend the night. One of the cheapest ways to be SUPER COOL!coffee-is-my-best-friend
  3. Showing my support – many times our children will need a visual hug or show of support for what they are going through. My son had to get glasses in 4th grade. To show my support I ditched my contacts and pulled out my glasses just for him. The smile says it all. 58ecebe8-36c5-4cc7-ba32-745a483f9c7a
  4. Play Dates – When Mitchell was 2, Aunt Jill and I took him to the zoo. We talked about all the animals and what fun we would have, he was so excited when we pointed out the sign to the zoo. However, that day there must have been some special event. We drove around for an hour looking for a parking space and finally had to leave. He cried all the way home. I was heartbroken for him. Since that day, I do not tell him what I have planned for a play date or with whom. Of course my inquisitive kid has learned the route to all his friend’s houses and play date sites. I have even put him in a swimsuit packed and lunch and when he asked if we are going swimming, I still say, “Buddy I do not know.” For my very special child I just cannot bear the thought of him not getting his play date because of some unforeseen circumstances.
    Play date w/Andrew on Lake Conroe

    The zoo with William & Claire
  5. Spending time alone with just me – I still love to see my kids face light up when I say, “how do you feel about dinner and a movie with just mommy?” It is worth the price of all the tea in China! You may think your kiddo does not want to spend time with you but try it and see what happens. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!mitch-kisisng-mommy-2008
  6. Watching his favorite movies with him – My son loves science, Lego’s , superhero’s and dinosaurs. I like all that too, but I am not a fanatic. He loves for me to hunker down with a huge bowl of buttered popcorn and watch one of his movies with him. The smile on his face is priceless. I treasure these moments because I know one day they will be gone. Of course he hogs the oversized pillows and the blanket, lol. We watch Netflix, YouTube, Rent from Red Box and anything else we can get our hands on. Total costs is normally $2-$5  at the most.cropped-Mitch-and-Mommy-2015-1.jpg
  7. Cheering him on at games/showing up with snacks – So my little (not so little guy) loves soccer and baseball! Sadly for me, when each season begins, it is hot as hell outside. But I am there, cheering him on, showing my support in his team colors and most importantly…..with snacks. Lots of snacks for his teammates and their siblings. 7ad3d87e-9a76-42d8-b9f8-20be167797d4-1

This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! It is just me taking time to know my kid. If you have figured out people at work, you can figure out your kid. NO matter what your circumstances, kids love it when you try. So, try and see what happens. The worst thing is falling and having to get back up again. Good news is, you are an adult so falling shouldn’t be a new activity  to you. We have all fallen once or twice by now. ENJOY BEING THE COOL MOM or DAD!


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