How To Completely Change Your Attitude

Let’s face it! Life IS TOUGH! LIFE is NOT FAIR! Life is full of UPS and DOWNS! I am in my late 40’s and I have met my share of miserable people. I have heard and seen things you just would not believe. I have seen people with next to nothing, so incredibly humble and joyful. This type of person brings tears to my eyes and causes me to check my own feelings at the door. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have seen people with everything,  that were completely miserable and hell-bent on making everyone around them miserable. This type of person breaks my heart in two. Being happy and having a positive attitude is a choice….much like when the waiter asks you, “bacon or sausage?” IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, JUST CHOOSE ONE! Everyday we wake up, we make a conscious decision to be in a good mood or a bad mood. It does not matter if you got enough sleep or not. I have known plenty of people who have a great attitude on very little sleep and grumpy folks who consistently get 8+ hours of sleep. Having trouble with your state of mind, allow me completely change your attitude in 5 easy steps. 

MAKE A DECISION TO BE POSITIVEWhatever we choose in life, make no mistake, IT IS OUR CHOICE. No one can put you in a bad mood, that is a choice that you make for yourself. No one makes another person positive, that is a choice that they  make. So make a choice.

OWN YOUR ATTITUDE  – You decide which attitude you will adopt, OWN IT! Take responsibility for your positivity or your misery. I have seen some people blame children, jobs, circumstances, husbands, boyfriends, you name it for their situation. Umm, NO…… it was YOU! YOU chose whatever you are feeling. No one  has a gun to your head making you act like an ungrateful wretch or making you smile till your face hurts. No matter your choice, own that you chose it.

REFUSE TO ACCEPT NEGATIVITY- I know a few people who refuse to utter ONE positive word as if someone was paying them to be a complete sour puss. This behavior is down right revolting and these people seem to lose friends daily. However, they have yet to make the correlation between lack of friends and negative attitude. DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! Gloom and doom is dreary and totally played out.

GET A THEME SONG AND PLAY IT Other than daily prayer, I have found NO greater pick-me-up. I most certainly have a theme song and it makes me feel fantastic! I play it at least three times a day. I envision myself walking on stage to throngs of fans screaming, cheering and chanting my name. I stand straighter and walk with more purpose when I hear it. I can smile brighter and face the world head on! Playing my theme song makes me feel UNSTOPPABLE! Here are a few songs to borrow if you feel unable to choose for yourself..ROAR by Katy Perry, Survivor by Destiny’s Child, Single Ladies by Beyonce, Happy by Ferrell or I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. Of course I am happy to lend my theme song to anyone that needs it. It is I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross. Strut your stuff!

SMILE! – Smiling is more contagious than the common cold. Try it and watch it spread. I have found it virtually impossible to smile and genuine smile and have a foul attitude. I dare you to try it. Even smiling on the phone comes across. People can feel it. Give it a try! I promise you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!
Changing your attitude will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Try it and see, I absolutely promise you that IF you honestly make an effort to change your attitude, you will see changes. I have resources and contacts that are more than happy to help you transition from a life of negativity to a positive life. You are the one that will make the choice to do something different. Because If you do what you’ve always done you will get what you’ve always gotten. 

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