If I had a nickel for every time I have been lied to, I would be rich. If I had to give a nickel for each lie I told, no matter how small, I would be borrowing money from you. As funny as it seems, when I throw it out there in writing, dealing with liars in the business realm is hard as hell! We should not have to. However, big business is full of people and people can make life difficult. So, here are a few tips to keep you moving and shaking like the true BOSS you are!

  1. IDENTIFY THE LIARS – They are pretty easy to spot. Liars are constantly talking about themselves, always hiding behind a cover. always trying to cover their tracks. They always have a reason as to why they were not true to their word or why they could not deliver. All of the reasons are astounding! I could write a separate blog on creative cover stories. My favorite cover is God….really people? Are you serious?
  2. EXPECT NOTHING – Liars have already delivered nothing so continue to expect nothing from them and you will never be disappointed. Sadly, if you work with these people this means you will need to make alternate arrangements on projects when they are involved. Expecting nothing is not hard to do….just treat them like helpless  babies. We expected babies to be cute and that is ALL. If you can get to this level of expectation, many other areas of life will fall into place.
  3. BE TRUE TO YOUR WORD – A liar knows when they are lying! Trust me, when you or I have told a lie we knew what we were doing. We felt guilt and it was most likely overwhelming. Often times, bad liars will confess and ask for forgiveness. But the professionals do this for a living and seem to sleep well at night. YOU just remain TRUE TO YOUR WORD and people will eventually see through the smoke.
  4. KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS – A liar has a jealous spirit and is full of spite. They respond well to cruelty and their own medicine, that also leads to an endless battle.  DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY AMMUNITION! Be kind and keep on about your business. Kindness seems to the anti-venom to their poison. They do not like it and will eventually leave you alone. I liar finds it hard to stand in the same space as those that are true to their word. Liars don’t like having a moment of shame for their deceit.
  5. BE FABULOUS – Liars like to win but keep forgetting that cheaters always get caught. If you just remain good at what you do or better yet FABULOUS, you take away their power. So be fabulous, BE YOU and SHINE! They cannot stand that!

A personal lie from someone you know is one thing but to have to deal with liars in the business realm is something that is not taught in business school. Rest assured, liars have a few weaknesses and they do not like to be exposed, ignored or treated like they treat others. You can use the advice above or wait for time to reveal them. Either way there will be some lies that even professional liars cannot get away with.

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