Five Ways To Worship On The Go

Life moves so fast. Our time is not our own, our children need so much, work is insane and we are exhausted. It seems each season in a single momma’s life is busier than the next. I thought after the baby/toddler stage with Mitch things would be easier. I could NOT have been more wrong. Things were just different. He started school and sports and life went from 0-60 overnight. I felt overwhelmed, malnourished and beat down. I began to question my schedule, my abilities as a mom and my sanity– as I fell behind in my spiritual walk. I was a miserable mess. Just how are single mom’s supposed to fit it all in? And then….when do we find time to worship and pray? I have an answer for that very question. This single momma discovered five sure-fire ways to worship and pray. 

  1. Set an alarm for Jesus – We set alarms for everything these days. We set alarms to get up, to exercise, to pick up the kids, to go to the gym and go to bed. Why not set an alarm for Jesus? Pick a time each day where you have a few moments. Set your alarm to go off and remind you to pray. My alarm is set for 5:15 am, I am in the bathroom at this time of the morning. While I am showering, brushing teeth, etc. I am praying about my day and my son’s day. I may not be on my hands and knees but I am in prayer. I have also not taken time out of my day to pray. I have incorporated it into my daily schedule. I am assuming this showering thing isn’t new and you do not need your full concentration to perform this activity. See, I am not asking you to find extra time during the day. 
  2. Accountability is crucial – I used to loathe the word accountability. In my eyes, it meant I would have to give a detailed account of everything to someone. I was NOT willing to do that. Not that I was doing anything wrong, I am just so private. WIth so many nosey people in this world-my feeling is my business was my own. However, once I learned that someone holding me accountable meant they were going to ask me how I am doing in a certain area of life….I was on board. An accountability partner is that person that will keep you on track. They are concerned for you and ask you questions about how you are doing. It is all done in love. I have three accountability partners: one for prayer life, one for eating and water intake and one for my career. It works great for me and keeps me on my toes.
  3. Podcasting is powerful– I do not know anyone in Houston that has a short commute unless you work from home. This is a great time to tune into a podcast you have recently downloaded. Most churches record sermons so just pick something you like and listen to it. You can also google certain sermon series. Right now I am listening to a rich series called Gospel Treason on Idolatry. I have personally listened to the first sermon in the series three times, each time I get something new. I am truly enjoying this podcast. But what I like may not be for you. Look for content filled sermons with a great information that you can apply immediately in your life. The point is you want to get something useful from what you listen to. 
  4. Music is amazing grace – Letme just say that in the past,  I would cuss up a storm in the car at ignorant drivers. But after I had my son, I knew I needed to change my wicked ways. So  I switched to CDs and kid music. I thought that would work for us, however, I was in for a big surprise. When he was four years old, I had a favorite Motown CD that featured Marvin Gaye’s song “Sexual Healing”. You can see where I am going with this can’t you? When Mitchell asked me what sexual heating was I had to make another more significant change. I switched to KSBJ and only gospel music while he was in the car. Best move I ever made. Not only do I get fed, he is fed as well and I have no worries about what he will hear on the radio. Shhh, do not tell him you know this, but we also sing together sometimes. Great bonding time. 
  5. The car is a great place to pray -You would not think the thing that gets you from place to place would also be the place you pray. But let’s face it, other than work, the car is another place where you spend a significant amount of time. Even if you are blessed with a short commute, running errands, pick up kids and getting back and forth to appointments can be grueling. I know I attempt to avoid unnecessary trips. Now, instead of losing my mind in the car, I sit back and relax. I pray about everything in the car. I may not be able to pray a prayer out loud on the phone with a friend, as I have a tendency to close my eyes. I can pray aloud by myself or with my son. He is used to it so no complaints from him. It also helps me not to be a stressed mess when I arrive at my destination.

Getting worship in is truly about you making time for it. Once you commit, doing even ONE of the steps above will not seem like a chore or something that feels unnatural. Try it and see and let me know how it goes.

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