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My name is Hilarie. I am a ghostwriter, content creator, blogger and public speaker. Throughout my career, I have also been a recruiter, trainer, chairman of the board at a local YMCA, an executive/personal assistant, managed a 1.3 million dollar budget as well as worked and taught at private schools in Houston. Sounds like a great list of titles and it is!……BUT, my favorite title of all is a MOM. Before I had my son,  I thought my life was pretty full. I enjoyed work and friends. I used the word content to describe my life at that point but I am pretty sure, looking back on it all, I was not happy. I wanted children very much but I never thought I would be a parent.

On December 19, 2005, at 6:41 pm my life changed forever! My sweet boy came into this world 10 weeks early. He was an instant hit! The NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse’s nicknamed him “The Little Boy With The Big Boy Name”. They talked about him often and always had something sweet to share regarding his antics for the day (he pulled out his breathing tube three times and he snored ) when they spoke to me. As a new mother, it was an absolute joy to introduce him to his family. He was and still is a bright light to us all. His curiosity, playfulness, his many expressions and his laugh are infectious. Once you meet him, it is hard to stop talking about him and I am not just saying that because he’s mine.


In 2011 I started to refer to him as My Hot Date on Facebook after our first movie night at home with popcorn and juice boxes. As a single woman, who wasn’t dating, I was very envious of my friends having date nights with their husband’s. Our first date night was meant as a joke. Pretty soon I was overwhelmed with the number of positive comments regarding our adventures and friend’s encouraging me to write more about him. So I started this tiny blog. The blog was originally meant to highlight the ups and downs of solo parenting. However, people wanted to hear more about our hot dates, daily lives, and adventures and most recently about cooking, recipes and event planning. Some adventures have been hilarious, others were serious, many were lessons learned and they are not just for single parent’s. In fact, many parents’ will see themselves as I write about certain situations, circumstances, and life in general.


Lucky for all my readers and for me I am a writer. Most of my life has been filled with writing. In the past, I  ignored my gift or swept it under the rug whenever I received a compliment. So typical of women, not to own their abilities. However,  I slowly learned to accept the praise. Soon I was writing blogs for other people as well as web content and articles. Currently, two books are in the works so please stay tuned. Give us a shout if you are in need of writing services. I would love to help you out.

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  1. Candis

    Will I finally had some time to get on your website to check it out. I love it. I hope to do more soon. Worked and need some mommy time before picking up the other child. One more to go. LOL.

  2. Hilarie

    I understand the need for mommy time! Those few minutes alone help us keep our sanity trying to raise children alone.

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